What we do

How we can help you achieve great results for your business

There’s more to us than meets the eye! We can MAXimise engagement with your target audience and negotiate MAXimum value for your budget, at the same time.

From local start-ups to international conglomerates, we have taken UK and overseas companies into new areas and markets across the UK and around the world.

Max Media is a full service marketing agency. Our team formulates and delivers powerful consumer advertising campaigns to drive sales growth, locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.

Combining research with more than 30 years knowledge and experience of media around the world, we bring business strategy together with media planning and buying, to develop and deliver effective digital and off-line campaigns.

We can help any company of any size or nature. In particular, as a result of three decades of expertise and our own research and Intel unit, we specialise in two areas of growing global importance:

Global Industries Media

Campaigns that grow companies providing products and services essential to the lives of people across the world.   

Construction and mining

Engineering and manufacturing

Food – production, distribution, retail

Life sciences, medicine and pharmaceutical

Power – electric, gas, oil, solar, utilities, water

Global Citizen Media

Campaigns that grow companies providing products and services essential to people living outside their country of origin.

Economic migrants


Global nomads

High net worth individuals

International students

Mobile entrepreneurs

These consumer segments are of escalating global significance and we are committed to evolving techniques for optimising the relevance of communications and the effectiveness of engagement.

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