Cornerstones Seminars

Cornerstones Seminars Maxed It with Max Media

“Cornerstone Seminars specialise in training and workshops in international construction contracts and claims for all those involved in international construction, whether as engineers, lawyers, contractors, clients, governments, consultants or other professionals.”

The Max Challenge

Max Media was tasked with providing more potential clients for a seminar in Latin America. We were required to ensure that all 1,000 placements were filled for the event.

Campaign Duration
2 months

Maximised Solution

As the market is very specialised within construction and building, we used our industrial association contacts, and the leading press for an email newsletter to be sent to all available data, to qualified recipients, to ensure the correct people attended the event. This was supported by a Google adword campaign and retargeting.

Maximised Result

The event was sold out within the first 3 weeks of the campaign; all 1,000 seats were sold out.  It was so over-subscribed Cornerstones Seminars decided to include a webinar for the people who could not attend the event. We continue to work with Cornerstone selling seminar seats around the world in b2b markets.

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