Clements Worldwide: Europe

Clements Maxed It with Max Media

Clements Worldwide is a leading international insurance provider in Europe, providing individual expatriates and global organizations with comprehensive and affordable international insurance cover.  Its’s regional office in the heart of London’s insurance district serves all its clients in the UK and the rest of the continent.

The Max Challenge

Clements required a media specialist, with expertise in reaching foreign nationals who currently reside in the UK to sell insurance policies for car insurance, healthcare and personal cover.

Campaign Duration
2 months.

Maximised Solution

We needed to analyse the profile of the target audience and identify which nationalities currently living in the UK were more likely to require the insurance that Clements Worldwide could provide.

From the commissioned research from the Expat, we embarked on a multi-platform campaign including print, digital, outdoor, leaflet drops, TV and sponsorship.  The campaign was targeted to a defined audience in a bold format designed to engage and maximise response.

Maximised Result

Clements Worldwide saw a 22% rise in insurance policy sales within the UK.  Max Media has provided a plan to reach more nationalities and countries.

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