Clements Worldwide: Africa Campaign

Clements Maxed It with Max media

Clements Worldwide is a leading international insurance provider in Europe, providing individual expatriates and global organizations with comprehensive and affordable international insurance cover.  Its regional office in the heart of London’s insurance district, serves all its clients in the UK and the rest of the continent.

The Max Challenge

Clements challenged Max with reaching NGO and Government officials in Africa with a specific Clements insurance call to action.

Campaign Duration
6 weeks.

Maximised Solution

For the countries Clements wanted to target, the audience was very small with limited traditional routes to market. We established the key areas where the audiences lived and worked and had strategic outdoor advertising billboards, placed in key locations. We established the main neighbourhood locations, bars, cafes & eateries within the cities where the highest numbers of expats frequented, and arranged for leaflet distribution within these areas. This was supported with International publications that target the key locations.

Maximised Result

Our campaign was a great success and Clements saw a 40% increase in  volume of traffic to their website for the duration of the campaign, resulting in sales being achieved from Africa, which was the first time they had been able to achieve this level of return.

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