Clarke Fussells

Clarke Fussells MAXed it with Max Media

Clarke Fussells provides a comprehensive range of services to the food processing industry, ensuring that the full value of surplus assets are realised by means of private treaty, tender or auction. Its sales system draws on expertise gained in the food manufacturing and food processing industry over many years. Clarke Fussells manages equipment disposals for international, national and local food manufacturers. Embracing realistic valuations, machinery enhancement, marketing, auction management and logistics, Clarke Fussells are focused on providing the best returns for vendors in the shortest possible time.

The MAX challenge

Clarke Fussells challenged Max to research the food processing industry worldwide and find international vertical media that serve the largest audiences within meat processing.

Campaign duration:
2 weeks

MAXimised solution

Max Media, through its contacts and media tools, identified the largest concentrations of meat processing plants worldwide and then found the most effective media that serviced those areas.

MAXimised result

Clarke Fussells celebrates increase in auction sales of 11%.

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