Missions Completed

Some of our challenges

If Richard Branson has it his way, during our lifetime sub-orbital travel will exist and with it no doubt will be galactic in-flight media. Wherever there is an audience, whether it be localised or in space, multi-media channels will exist.

Short of being tasked with promoting a company on the moon, we have undertaken local, national and international advertising projects for all sorts of businesses wanting to reach a diverse range of audiences, in different countries around the planet.

It doesn’t matter what your size or nature, as we have known enterprises that started out in a garage or back-street which have since gone global.

Here is a selection:

Developed the strategy for taking BUPA International into China

Global launch campaign for Inmarsat to the utilities and power sector

Launched Cotton Traders in 15 countries across Europe

Taken the world’s largest manufacturer of high-performance decking into Germany

Been tasked with filling construction training seminars in Latin America

Created queues at the door for Europe largest pre-owned luxury watch events in Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden

Targeted diplomats and NGOs in Africa for a Washington DC based insurance group

Lead gen for Worldpay in the UK

Promoted water and waste water systems in the Gulf and Middle East markets for Xylem Inc

Formulated and delivered Cigna Global’s off-line campaigns in 22 countries

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