Max Media announces Anglo-Greek agency alliance

Max Media announces Anglo-Greek agency alliance

London based Max Media International has announced the launch of Max Media Greece.

Joining forces with Greece’s largest independent ad agency Intermedia SA to form an innovative partnership designed to abridge Europe post Brexit.

Emma Wood, Business Development Director of Max Media International, takes an in-depth look at the strategic importance of the new office in Athens.

Max Media, a full service marketing agency, develops and delivers powerful B2B and consumer advertising campaigns across the UK and worldwide. The London office knows that Greece, despite its economic demise is of strategic importance.

The new alliance with Intermedia SA to create Max Media Greece will offer an extensive range of marketing expertise and off the back of that, business opportunities for the clients of both offices. Ultimately enabling them to become more successful, upscale and expand their operations bilaterally across the UK, Europe, Greece and further afield.

Greece is a huge trading and migration gateway between East and West and has drawn a great deal of attention from investors keen to harness the emerging opportunities.

The Athens based team has established commercial relationships not just across the Greek mainland and islands, but also the Balkan States, Turkey and the Middle East. Many of these regions are home to the headquarters of companies with plans to expand into Europe, the UK and the rest of world, who would also benefit from the knowledge and buying power of the London office.

Brexit is still a very unknown quantity, and there can be no denying that European Governments, and by proxy European businesses, must still look to maintain Greece as a stable, pro-Western member of the Eurozone and trading partner long after the divorce bill is settled. Particularly at a time when the Chinese Government is pouring billions into Greece and its Mediterranean neighbours to open up a ‘new silk road’ into the heart of Europe.

Of the new association, Emma Wood – Business Development Director and fluent Greek speaker said ‘These are exciting times for the company. We are impressed by the ingenuity and energy of the Athens team who have clients and contacts across Eastern Europe, the Ottoman region, the Arab States and Russia. Here in London our relationships are primarily with Western Europe, the US and Asia. Joining forces will really strengthen our scope and ability to forge new relationships and grow existing ones.

We have tried the ad agency network route in the past and were left disappointed, so our plan is to unite and work closely with a select few independent agencies that share the same values; and have tangible experience to deliver innovative solutions for niche B2B and consumer focused clients’.

Sure, we all know that Greece has fallen on somewhat rocky economic times over previous years, but today there are positive signs that the economy is slowly recovering. In fact, The Telegraph states in an article published on 23 July, 2017, that economists believe that Greece could be close to returning to sustainable growth all last, after a decade of devastating recessions and crises.

That coupled with the fact that the Greeks who are resilient individuals and determined entrepreneurs that are not shy to try their hand at expanding business operations to far-flung corners of the globe, will go a long way to ensuring that the new Max Media International operation will be a resounding success for both its owners and its clients alike. Can you afford not to take advantage?

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