Intelligent Digital

Where research informs digital strategy for better results

Max Media can help you grow market share with its ‘intelligent digital’ service.

Within the agency we have an Intel unit called ‘i-World’ specialising in research on ‘industries that supply the world’ and ‘individuals which move around the world’.

These specialisms comprise the following segments:

Global Industries

Construction and mining, engineering and manufacturing, food production, distribution and retail, life sciences, medicines and pharmaceutical
and power- gas, electric, oil, solar, utilities and water.

Global Citizen

Economic migrants, expatriates – career and lifestyle, global nomads, high net worth individuals, international students and mobile entrepreneurs.

These B2B and consumer segments are of escalating global significance. i-World Research is committed to evolving techniques that optimise the relevance of communications and the effectiveness of digital and off-line campaigns.

Research informing digital strategy   

The i-World Intel Library holds unrivalled insights on global industries and more than 102,000 data spreadsheets of analysis on global citizens, as a result of direct response research on 81 nationalities in 128 countries.

The team utilises the findings of its research to better inform and plan digital strategy to make campaigns more targeted.

Insights can make digital channels such as Google Display, Google Mail, Linked In and Facebook more highly targeted. The Intel can also better
inform teams planning off-line campaigns as well.

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