Hold the presses!

Hold the presses!

Imagine it. It’s late on a Saturday night, the paper is due to go to print, but at the last minute a breaking story comes in. The editor shouts out, “stop the presses” and quick as a flash everyone freezes in the printing room, waiting for the story to unfold and then find its rightful place in the publication before the ‘print button’ can be hit.

Ah yes that was definitely the golden age of print and by association, print media as well. But is that age really a thing of the past, or is the magic of print media still a part of our daily lives? And if it is, why should the modern marketer take heed of it, or even more importantly, choose to invest a large slice of their media budget in it? After all, content is all about getting results, growing brands, winning customers and answering KPIs. And the best place to do that is online, isn’t it? Isn’t it?

We still crave physical communication

Until Artificial Intelligence takes full control of our world and we all become robotic in thoughts, actions and deeds, the fact of the matter is that we are all physical beings who still crave physical communication. Need proof? Well consider this. ‘Google’ still sends out printed direct mail to its Adwords users, highlighting the power of print. We don’t think that a proof point can get much bigger and better than that really.

Print helps you to stand out from the crowd when consumers are getting annoyed with large volumes of emails cluttering up their in boxes with what is nowadays regarded as spam. And they say that direct mail is junk mail. What rubbish! It couldn’t be further than the truth. Print marketing flairs up a genuine interest in your company without using disruptive and at times, annoying techniques.

Want to be seen as credible?

Experts will tell you that print unequivocally offers credibility and legitimacy that digital can’t compete with. With Trojans, malware and all other horrors flying around in the ether, we are slowly but surely beginning to distrust much of the internet as we don’t know what is behind the web page. People are becoming wary of clicking, however, there is no imminent danger of this in print media. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Print should still play a key role in your marketing mix

Despite the increases in digital marketing, there is certainly still a place in your businesses marketing mix for printed media.

Your customers spend hours every day wading through a plethora of spam emails, tweets, and Facebook messages. This means that email spam filters are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, making it harder for companies to experience email success. This is where print media can help to boost your marketing campaigns. In fact, there are five good reasons why you should consider it.

  1. It connects with customers on an emotional level


Print media is personal, so you can address your customer by name and target your mail shots to their past purchases so that you offer the things that matter most to them.


  1. It reinforces your brand values


Today when customers receive considerably less post, print media can help reinforce your brand values and start a personal relationship with them. A postcard, catalogue or flyer demonstrates your level of customer care and that will make people want to buy from you.


  1. It makes for easy discovery


With printed media, your customers can discover more about your business. Whether it is looking through a catalogue of products, or just reading about your latest deals, this method of marketing can be extremely beneficial.


  1. It is easily integrated


As well as combining marketing methods in this way, you could also create a digital brochure, or possibly a mobile app? You could even encourage your social media followers to sign up to your mailing list via exclusive offers.


  1. It has a measurable ROI


Why not create a specific landing page and URL for your mail shots? You can then use tracking and monitoring software like Google Analytics to see how many people visited that page, what they did, and how long they stayed on site. You can also track the number of sales that used a specific discount code. This will give you an idea of how successful your printed media was.

Now that you understand the thinking, how about you understanding the doing. Max Media International is a company with extensive expertise in consumer and B2B engagement. Using the most effective offline and online content and consumer experiences, they can grow your business locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. And you can take that to print.

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